COVID-19 Policy

We at Peng Munch Box take great pride in our cleanliness, as we believe this is a HUGE part in providing our Premium Quality! ESPECIALLY during COVID-19! 

Firstly, before we package our Peng Munch Boxes we like to make sure we are working in a clean environment, so EVERYDAY BEFORE & AFTER we like to clean our packaging room with PREMIUM disinfectants and sprays.

Secondly, we like to make sure our staff hygiene is top notch! This means ALL staff at Peng Munch Box MUST have clean clothing, long hair tied back, hands washed thoroughly with soap, latex gloves worn at ALL times & also face masks must be worn at ALL times during our packaging process.

Thirdly, ALL equipment and utensils used are thoroughly washed and wiped down, using our PREMIUM disinfectants and sprays EVERYDAY BEFORE & AFTER our packaging process.

We Keep Clean, You Stay Safe!